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No Carb Sausage Hash

“What am I going to have for breakfast?”

It’s Day 2 of the Atkins plan, and it’s a good thing we are still allowed coffee and tea, because D. and I are not allowed our usual breakfast foods. His energy bowl of granola and pureed frozen fruit, acai berry, and fresh bananas? My yogurt, fresh fruit and home made granola? Both off limits. Forget about grabbing a quick bagel or muffin on the way to work.

I didn’t want eggs because we had egg salad the night before.  There was some fresh house made sausage from  Zeytuna Market in the fridge that I thought we could make into a quick hash. We had one spicy chorizo and one sweet Italian.  I removed the casings, broke them up, and sauteed them together. Instead of potatoes, I added some shredded kale, the stems for crunch, shredded red cabbage, chopped green olives, and green onions to the pan.  When the kale and cabbage were slightly wilted, I added salt, pepper, and a splash of vinegar.

In the end, it was more like a warm chopped salad than hash.  Kale and cabbage are classic pairings with pork so it didn’t take much to make it good.  The spicy savory chorizo went surprisingly well with the sweet fennel scented Italian sausage.  The vinegar made the kale and cabbage pleasantly pickle-y while maintaining their texture.  They combined with the briny green olives to balance the fatty richness of the sausage.  D. topped his with a single over easy egg, I had mine neat.  A quick and easy breakfast.


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